CEO of Me is a philosophy and motivational, self-leadership tool, that enables users to solicit, analyze and act upon feedback from respected mentors and peers.


Arman Rousta

Founder & CEO | b.labs ventures

CEO of Me

CEO of Me can be utilized as an independent module or in conjunction with the Timebug App.  The purpose is to empower individuals to take full ownership across five levels of their own lives, and within that process, to build a structured Board of Advisors across different Life Categories.  This tool allows every CEO of Me to share their goals with Advisors, and manage their feedback through the system.    

We must develop and tap into the leadership structure within. Just like a pro sports organization, we have several levels of leadership roles within
  1. Ownership
  2. Management
  3. Coaching
  4. Player Captainship
  5. Player Execution
CEO of Me is about discovering and developing all five levels of leadership within one’s own life. It is the most important thing that one can achieve in life. Through it, one must inevitably discover God, find Love, unfold their love purpose and develop compassion.